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Jody Rookstool


About Jody Rookstool

Jody Rookstool is a Utah-based professional with a proven track record of both formulating and implementing sustainable strategies for sales and operations to help startups create sustainable revenue, maximum profitability, and rapid growth. 

Currently in his career, Jody Rookstool is the founder of Built Brands, LLC and the creator of Built Bar, the best tasting protein bar available on the market. Built Bar was conceptualized by Jody and his friend, a Ph.D. molecular chemist, and born of the desire to create a better protein bar than any currently available, with a better, more dessert-like taste. After acquiring the rights to their bar, the two launched Built Brands, LLC in the summer of 2018. Since then, they have grown the company, and – in February 2020 – Built Brands had grown its customer base to nearly half a million, with more than five million bars being sold each month. With their direct-to-consumer approach to sales, 99% of the business’ revenue is generated through website sales. 

Alongside Built Bar, Jody and the team at Built Brands, LLC offer customers Built Bites, Built Broth, BuiltGO, and Built Boost. Visit the Built Bar website for more information!

Jody Rookstool’s Career

Throughout his career, Jody Rookstool has operated in executive and leadership roles with multiple businesses and organizations. He’s served as Managing Partner, President, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chief Security Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder. He has established himself as a multidisciplined professional who is diversely qualified in all aspects of marketing, account management, national sales, professional services, and alliance/partnership building. As an accomplished leader, Jody has improved sales processes, developed marketing materials, implemented strong strategic directions, and motivated sales organizations to drive towards profitability and success. Additionally in his work, Jody Rookstool has contributed greatly to the industry. He created a business plan, the implementation of which led to raising private capital utilized for operations and product development. He also hand-selected and managed an engineering team for two years while they programmed the operations of the business. 

Throughout his career, Jody Rookstool has been fortunate enough to have gleaned knowledge from multiple training opportunities throughout his career. From learning from Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziggler to studying Solution Selling, Large Account Management, Successful Telemarketing, Winning the Marketing War, Product Marketing, and Successfully Managing Your Sales Team, among other experiences. Jody also holds his Bachelor’s degree in Japanese and Business from Brigham Young University in Utah. 

Learn more about Jody Rookstool’s career in business by visiting his blog page and checking back often for the latest!