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The amount of small businesses that appear every day are a reflection of society’s desire for independence and prosperity. Millions of people start their own companies and thrive by doing what they know best.

Entrepreneurship can be exciting, but it also brings certain challenges. When you become your own boss, all of the decisions fall on you. It can be tricky to find a trusted person to ask for advice.

Countless podcasts exist for business owners to learn from. Experienced entrepreneurs share wisdom and tell us about their journeys to success. Some of these podcasts include.

1- How I Built This with Guy Raz

Humans often learn best when a lesson is given in narrative format. How I Built This is a podcast in which entrepreneurs tell their stories in engaging ways. The guests are friendly and relatable. Listen to their successes as they tell you how they worked through challenges and found victory.

2- HBR IdeaCast

Hosted by Harvard University, HBR IdeaCast prepares you for the stumbling-blocks of entrepreneurship. Hosts Curt Nickish and Alison Beard tackle daunting topics like burnout, making successful deals, and networking. Each 30-minute episode of this podcast will give you the knowledge you’ll need when facing these issues.

3- The Tim Ferriss Show

Known for his relatable background and down-to-earth commentary, Tim Ferriss features all sorts of businesspeople on his podcast. These guests range from scientists to local shop owners. Not only does he offer tips for running a business, but his insightful conversations and advice make you feel as if you were listening to a friend.

4- Startup Stories – Mixergy

Many of the most inspiring business stories surround smaller companies. Andrew Warner’s podcast features small business owners who followed their dreams by working from the ground up. Each episode will inspire you, proving that the right amount of work can lead to success, no matter how your walk began.


Are you looking to become your own boss? It can be rewarding to run your own business, but be sure you’re prepared for the hurdles that the process can throw at you. Listen to these podcasts so that you will never be caught off-guard!