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People who hold leadership positions know that the role is satisfying but challenging. On good days, projects run smoothly–but there are also times when the work drags on.

In every functioning company, the team leader is an energy source for their employees. A leader’s attitude often determines whether their team can work in harmony. Such a great responsibility can become overwhelming. You will find yourself wishing for advice from people who’ve been in your place before.

This advice can be found in some of the great leadership publications available today. They feature articles written by leaders for leaders.

1- Entrepreneur

If you are aiming to build a small business from the ground up, Entrepreneur is a good source of information. Even though its targeted audience are small business owners, it offers advice that will also benefit large companies.

2- Harvard Business Review

Today’s world of management is constantly changing with the emergence of new marketing trends. This results in heavy competition, making it difficult to keep up. Harvard Business Review is a useful tool to keep you in the loop. It has valuable insight about today’s world of leadership, featuring helpful articles by experienced entrepreneurs.

3- SUCCESS Magazine

There is more to running a business than sitting behind a computer. Self-care and sound mental health are necessary if you want positive long-term results. SUCCESS Magazine remembers that you are not only a leader, but also a human. This publication offers advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while running a business. Not only will this improve your health, it will also lead to better decisions.

SUCCESS also features advice from major personalities ready to share their secrets.

4- Women Leadership Magazine USA

There are more businesses owned by women today than ever before. Women Leadership Magazine provides a space for ladies in business to share their stories, ask questions, and discuss the difficulties of the job.


It might seem overwhelming to be the leader of a company. Without someone to consult, you might not know which path to take. These publications offer advice and inspiration to help steer your company to success.