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What is Kaizen, and why should your business be using it? This famous Japanese practice motivates individuals to continually seek and pursue ways they can improve. When applied to the business model, this practice can have significant benefits. Essentially, all businesses should be using this practice in order to constantly pursue excellence and be as innovative as possible. It is crucial that companies stay ahead of the competition and are always on the lookout for ways to improve – essentially the whole point of Kaizen. 

Kaizen realizes the importance of small daily steps in achieving greatness. Rather than spending hefty chunks of money on projects that pose a considerable risk, companies should implement small-scale changes into their daily practices in order to reach these improvements. There are several ways Kaizen can positively influence businesses as a whole.

Think Outside the Box

Kaizen’s endless cycle of identifying opportunities, brainstorming and implementing changes can lead to many creative solutions. Without taking the time to stretch your team’s imagination, you may be closing yourself off from growth opportunities. Using the Kaizen model motivates your employees to think outside the box and play with trial and error. 

Your team cannot expect every solution they come up with to solve issues magically. There will be times when your employees need to rethink their approach and alter the solution they came up with. Building this adaptable team will position your company to be able to adjust to industry trends when needed.

Have a United Team

Businesses thrive best when their employees are in good relationships with each other. What better way to improve employee relationships than by uniting under Kaizen and creating feasible business objectives? Companies should set aside time to allow their employees to converse with each other in this manner. You can bounce ideas off one another, use different cultural backgrounds to brainstorm new goals and get to know each other in a more personal way.

Having a united team leads to more productivity, better communication and improvements in customer relations. Kaizen could even be used as a regular team bonding exercise, given the fact that it exercises many of the areas other team bonding activities strive to teach teams.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When using Kaizen, companies should keep their customers in mind. At the end of the day, their goals will ultimately be affecting their customers. While Kaizen is boasted for its model of continual improvement, it also has a profound impact on the way businesses can fulfill their consumers’ needs.

When approaching Kaizen, you and your team can use each phase to think of ways to improve the customer experience. Once you have issues and opportunities identified, you can brainstorm ways to refine their experience and create a better rapport with them.